Networking & PR For Lawyers

Networking & PR For Lawyers

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Course Overview

Part 1 - Networking

Traditionally networking was exclusively undertaken by senior partners but now there is an expectation that all employees will contribute to their firm’s business development. In its simplest form this means networking, yet not all employees have had the necessary ‘soft skills’ training to enable them to do so.

This course will provide viewers with a detailed introduction to the basics of networking and will offer guidance on how to business network in the legal sector as, if handled correctly, this will result in more clients and ultimately revenue for your firm.

Part 2 – PR

The world of PR is fast paced and ever changing but it can offer a world of opportunity both on a personal and business level to those who know how to use it successfully. This course will provide viewers with an overview of the five major areas of PR which apply to the legal sector and an understanding of the key concepts and principles which underlie good PR practice.

This course will assist viewers realise their potential through the development of key PR skills which can be utilised in real-life business scenarios.

Delivered by experienced lecturer Sue Edwards, this course will consider topics such as strategic public relations, dealing with customers and stakeholders, the use of research to obtain an edge over the competition and how to react in a crisis.

What are the requirements?

  • Watch the recorded webinars and review the supporting documentation

Learning Outcomes

  • On completion of this course you will:
  • • Understand why networking is important and the benefits it can offer to your firm
  • • Be able to define your firm’s speciality and the market in which you operate
  • • Have considered the pros and cons of traditional networking versus social networking and be able to determine which method(s) are best for yourself and your firm
  • • Feel confident in your ability to network and know how to establish a network of useful contacts
  • • Be aware of the principles behind PR and the different forms PR can take
  • • Be able to assess whether your firm is PR ready and if not, know the practical steps to take to address this
  • • Feel confident in your ability to develop and implement a PR plan that is right for your firm

What is the target audience?


About Instructor - Sue Edwards

Susan Edwards is a solicitor and entrepreneur who founded Law Hound Ltd, an online organisation which has taken a fresh approach to supplying law and compliance training in a no-nonsense and commercial way.

Course Curriculum

Recorded Webinars

  • Webinar - Networking
  • Webinar - PR


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  • Notes - PR
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