Professional Skills Collection for Paralegals Saving of £310.00 for Individuals

A key component of the Level 3 Paralegal Diploma, the Professional Skills Collection comprises a series of recorded webinars which address the following sections of the Level 3 Paralegal standard:
  •  Manage work activities to ensure that they are completed on time and to an appropriate standard, including:
       o   Keep others informed of progress.
       o   Ability to work under pressure and willingness to accept changing priorities when new jobs need to be done.
       o   Paying appropriate attention to detail.
  •  Work in accordance with good business practice - maintain an understanding of the basic financial drivers, time recording and billing processes relevant to the role and firm.
  •  Communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing.
  •  Establish and maintain effective and professional relations with others, including an ability to work with people at all levels towards achieving internal and external clients' and team objectives.

Delivered by Datalaw favourites Mac Mackay and Trevor Hellawell, the Professional Skills Collection includes the following titles:
  •  Project and Risk Management
  •  Managing Workflow
  •  Good Financial Management
  •  Getting Your Message Across
  •  Client Care – A Team Approach

On completion of this series of courses learners will:
•    Have a much greater understanding of what is expected of them in their role as a paralegal in terms of managing themselves and their own work, and when working with other people
•    Have the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to fulfil their role as a paralegal in line with the Level 3 Paralegal Standard

Courses Included in this Bundle

No Title & Description Category 05 - Hours Included Preview Action
1 Managing Workflow Personal Skills and Development 00:48:11 Preview View Course
2 Good Financial Management Law Firm Management - Finance 00:53:21 Preview View Course
3 Client Care - A Team Approach Law Firm Management - Client Relations 00:33:47 Preview View Course
4 Boosting Performance by Managing Professional Stress Personal Skills and Development 00:52:48 Preview View Course
5 Projects and Risk Management Personal Skills and Development 00:38:42 Preview View Course
6 Stress in the Work Place Personal Injury Law 00:50:58 Preview View Course
7 Getting Your Message Across Personal Skills and Development 00:36:24 Preview View Course
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