Projects and Risk Management

Projects and Risk Management

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Course Overview

Making decisions and solving problems are crucial aspects of everyone’s personal and business lives. If you are to do both in the most effective manner, good project management skills are essential.

If you are to become a successful lawyer, particularly during the turbulent times which the legal profession is currently experiencing, you must be willing to enhance your basic decision-making skills.

This session will provide viewers with the knowledge and confidence to not only be able to identify potential risks, but also plan for any uncertainties which could occur within the multiple projects which you are undertaking.

Delivered by management consultant and experienced lecturer Mac Mackay of DAW Ltd., this bite-size session will encourage viewers to adopt a forward-thinking approach to risk management so that you will be able to identify what might happen (potential risks) and plan for those possible scenarios (planning for uncertainties).

In addition, this session will explore some techniques to identify where viewers should focus their effort in order to reduce the impact of those risks (evaluating alternatives).

What are the requirements?

  • Watch the recorded webinar and review the supporting documentation
  • This course provides 0.5 - 1 CPD point (depending on length of time spent reviewing the supporting documentation).

Learning Outcomes

  • On completion of this course you will:
  • • Know how to apply risk management tools to identify potential risks
  • • Appreciate the importance of planning for uncertainty in your work area of responsibility
  • • Be able to utilise project management skills and risk management strategies to evaluate the alternative courses of action available
  • • Be able to produce a leadership and stakeholder engagement map and use this to gain collaboration in alternative actions

What is the target audience?

  • This course is suitable for practitioners of all levels


About Instructor - Mac Mackay


Mac has a wealth of practical management experience running his own successful consultancy practice, and has been a popular lead speaker on the Datalaw SRA Management Course Stage One and Two.

He is author of Motivation, Ability & Confidence Building in People and Recruiting, Retaining & Releasing People both published by Butterworth Heinemann (2007). Mac is also a Chartered Manager and a qualified sports coach.

Course Curriculum

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