Legal Support Staff Development

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Course Overview

Are you relatively new to the role or do you need a refresher?  Then this webinar is for you. 

Recent advancements in technology used by law firms have blurred the lines between legal assistants/paralegals and legal secretaries. What were once two separate and distinct positions now overlap and both jobs have changed significantly.

On the one hand, looking after clients well, helping to resolve their problems can be one of the most rewarding aspects of any client-facing job.  After all, you know what a joy it is to be treated professionally by other organisations – and what it feels like when you are not!

Equally, the role of support staff for solicitors has changed with the boundaries of ‘secretary’ and ‘paralegal’ getting more blurred and billing clients for various activities becomes commonplace.

This course lays down the fundamental client care skills in a lively and interesting format – exploring how to make the ‘support staff’ role more interesting demonstrating how to add value to the job.

Working with customers or clients puts you in the front line when dealing with all the variety of issues and problems that they bring to the firm. Sharpening-up your communication skills and developing ways of handling difficult clients will give you the confidence to enjoy your job more. This client care course, coupled with ideas on how to support the solicitors in the firm, will give you practical tips and suggestions to use in the workplace to start making a difference immediately.

What are the requirements?

  • Watch series of recorded webinars providing 6 CPD points

Learning Outcomes

  • On completion of this course you will:

    • Understanding your role in the firm and the new approaches to the workplace
    • Appreciate the importance of client care
    • Have developed your communication skills over the phone and face-to-face
    • Know how to remain calm when put under pressure
    • Recognise how the firm can ‘profit’ from complaints
    • Be familiar with the 5 proven problem-solving techniques
    • Know what exceptional client care looks like and how to develop a team approach to exceptional client care
    • Feel confident when acting more assertively and when provide professional support

What is the target audience?

  • Practitioners



About Instructor - Mac Mackay


Mac has a wealth of practical management experience running his own successful consultancy practice, and has been a popular lead speaker on the Datalaw SRA Management Course Stage One and Two.

He is author of Motivation, Ability & Confidence Building in People and Recruiting, Retaining & Releasing People both published by Butterworth Heinemann (2007). Mac is also a Chartered Manager and a qualified sports coach.

Course Curriculum

Legal Support Staff Development

  • Webinar - Session 1
  • Webinar - Session 2
  • Webinar - Session 3
  • Webinar - Session 4
  • Webinar - Session 5
  • Course Workbook
    60 Page


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