Is there a Role for Acknowledgement, Apology and Forgiveness in Family Law

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Course Overview

Drawing upon the world of forgiveness and apology research, this course will tackle the difficult issue of family law resolution work and will be of interest to family law practitioners of all levels. This course will look at how acknowledgement, apology and forgiveness might enrich the impact of our family law resolution work; whether in conventional representation, collaborative or mediation work and will cover the following:

  • How to practitioners see their role – should you get involved with these issues?
  • Conventional concepts
  • Why acknowledgement is important
  • How to shift to acknowledgment
  • Higher level acknowledgement
  • Moving to apology
  • A model apology
  • The problem with apologies - forgiveness
  • What forgiveness is and what it is not

What are the requirements?

  • Watch 1 hour recorded webinar
  • This course provides one CPD point.

Learning Outcomes

  • On completion of this course you will:

    • Understand how the models discussed can quickly lower conflict and encourage resolution
    • Be able to overcome some of the objections to acknowledgement, apology, forgiveness on the part of the lawyer and client alike.
    • Be familiar with techniques which will help clients to formulate apologies that they might feel compelled or be encouraged to make
    • Appreciate the difference between apologies that work and apologies that don’t

What is the target audience?

  • Whether your speciality is litigation, mediation or collaborative practice, if you would like to expand your skill set and the range of interactions you can use with your clients and their partners, then this course is essential.



About Instructor - Neil Denny

Neil is an experienced divorce and family lawyer with Diane Genders Solicitors, specialist divorce lawyers in Lincoln.Neil is also a qualified collaborative practitioner and non-practicing mediator.

Neil has written three books on conflict and collaboration namely Conversational Riffs; Creating Meaning Out Of Conflict, The Collaborative Law Companion and The Client's Guide to Mediation.

In addition Neil is a popular international speaker on family law practice  and dispute resolution processes. He regularly delivers workshops across the UK and North America.

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