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NALP Unit 36 - Conveyancing

NALP Unit 36 - Conveyancing

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Course Overview

Unit 36 – Conveyancing for Paralegals is one on the optional technical legal knowledge units for those studying towards a Level 3 qualification recognised and awarded by The National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP).

The aim of the unit is to provide the learner with detailed knowledge of the conveyancing procedure. The learner will understand the conveyancing process in England and Wales and be able to apply that knowledge to given scenarios. In particular, the learner will understand the role of the Paralegal in taking instructions from clients and matters relating to the client interview. The skills developed by the learner include: the ability to identify and use factual, procedural and theoretical understanding to complete tasks and address well defined but complex or non-routine issues; time management to include taking responsibility for initiating and completing tasks; the ability to exercise autonomy and judgement within a given scenario; the ability to use and interpret legal language.

This unit comprises a comprehensive workbook developed by NALP which provides all of the information that leaners will need to meet the learning outcomes detailed below.

In addition, Datalaw have designed 4 60-minute webinars focusing on key aspects of the syllabus for this unit to help explain and contextualise the material provided in the workbooks.

Delivered by Datalaw favourite Stephen Desmond, the webinars within this unit cover following topics:
  •  Outline of Property Law    
  •  Taking Instructions and Initial Matters            
  •  Steps in Conveyancing Process
  •  Pre-Exchange Procedure    
  •  Procedure for Exchange of Contracts and Completion        
  •  Completing a Conveyancing Transaction    
  •  Post Completion

What are the requirements?

  • Once learners have reviewed the NALP workbook and supporting material supplied by Datalaw, they will be ready to request the assignment for this unit. The assignment consists of a written piece of work which learners have 4-weeks to complete.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learning Outcomes
  • 1. Understand the difference between registered and unregistered land
  • 2. Understand how to take standard instructions on the sale and purchase of land and the initial matters that need to be dealt with at the client interview
  • 3. Know the steps of the conveyancing process precontract
  • 4. Know the procedure for exchange of contracts
  • 5. Understand how to complete a conveyancing transaction
  • 6. Understand post-completion matters

What is the target audience?

  • Current and prospective paralegals



About Instructor - Stephen Desmond

Stephen Desmond has been delivering training for over 15 years during which time he has delivered more than 1,800 CPD events to lawyers from a variety of backgrounds. Delegates at these events have included practitioners from a variety of size of firms, ranging from sole practitioners to City Solicitors. 

Stephen is a contributing editor to Butterworths Property Law Service, published by Lexis Nexis, writing on the complex law relating to long and short leases.  He writes for the Solicitors Group on the subject of commercial property. 
He has run a university-accredited distance-learning course for aspiring paralegals in the subject of residential conveyancing.

A former practicing Solicitor with several years post-qualification experience, Stephen has represented many business and private clients, including property investors and local authorities.

Course Curriculum


  • Workbook
    86 Page

Part 1

  • Webinar
  • Slides
    13 Page

Part 2

  • Webinar
  • Slides
    16 Page

Part 3

  • Webinar
  • Slides
    11 Page

Part 4

  • Webinar
  • Slides
    15 Page

NALP L3 New Unit 36 Workbook

  • NALP L3 New Unit 36 Workbook
    107 Page
  • L3 Sample Questions
    9 Page

L3 Qualification Specification

  • L3 Qualification Specification
    44 Page
  • NALP L3 Distance Learner Guide
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