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NALP Unit 33 - Civil Litigation

NALP Unit 33 - Civil Litigation

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Course Overview

Unit 33 – Civil Litigation for Paralegals is one on the optional technical legal knowledge units for those studying towards a Level 3 qualification recognised and awarded by The National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP).

The aim of this unit is to provide the learner with the knowledge to understand how the process of civil litigation is conducted using the areas of debt recovery, personal injury, consumer law and family law (in relation to mediation and ADR) as illustrations. In understanding how civil actions are commenced, funded and defended, the learner will be able to effectively assist in civil litigation cases in practice or provide services within legal departments involved in litigation.

This unit comprises a comprehensive workbook developed by NALP which provides all of the information that leaners will need to meet the learning outcomes detailed below.

In addition, Datalaw have designed 3 45-minute webinars focusing on key aspects of the syllabus for this unit to help explain and contextualise the material provided in the workbooks.

Delivered by Datalaw favourite Professor Alastair Hodge, the webinars within this unit cover following topics:
  •  The Concept and Scope of Civil Litigation in England and Wales
  •  Civil Litigation Funding Mechanisms
  •  Commencing and Defending a Civil Litigation Action
  •  Preparing for a Trial
  •  Post-Trial Procedures

What are the requirements?

  • Once learners have reviewed the NALP workbook and supporting material supplied by Datalaw, they will be ready to request the assignment for this unit. The assignment consists of a written piece of work which learners have 4-weeks to complete.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learning Outcomes
  • 1. Thoroughly understand the concept and scope of civil litigation in England and Wales
  • 2. Identify and explain how civil actions can be funded
  • 3. Know how to commence and defend a civil action and apply that knowledge to a given scenario
  • 4. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of how to prepare for a trial
  • 5. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the procedures post trial

What is the target audience?

  • Current and prospective paralegals



About Instructor - Alastair Hodge

Alastair is a practising barrister at 5 Essex Court who specialises in all aspects of Employment & Education Law. Called in 1997, Alastair is also a Senior Advocacy Trainer for the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple and has spent many years teaching students, pupils, junior practitioners and QC's the art of advocacy, both nationally and internationally. In 2014 he was appointed a Master of the Bench and in 2016 was appointed an Honorary Professor at Nottingham Law School. He is also an experienced after dinner speaker, comedian and mimic, and is renowned for his entertaining presentational style.

Course Curriculum

Part 1

  • Webinar
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Part 2

  • Webinar
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Part 3

  • Webinar
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    18 Page

New NALP L3 Unit 33 Workbook

  • New NALP Unit 33 Workbook
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L3 Qualification Specification

  • L3 Qualification Specification
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  • NALP L3 Distance Learner Guide
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  • L3 Sample Questions
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Old Workbook, Only Here As A Reference. Refer To New Workbook

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