Legal Supervisors and Managers

Essential for current legal managers looking to refresh their knowledge of managerial best practice, the courses within this collection cover a wide variety of skills including how to assess the performance of others, how to conduct appraisals and how to deliver effective feedback. Perfect for those whose role includes the management of trainee solicitors, our ‘Supervising Trainees – A Masterclass’ will offer practical guidance on how to adapt your managerial style to ensure you get the most out of those you manage. This collection also includes training on how to encourage equal opportunities and diversity and how to promote mental health awareness in the workplace. If you aspire to become a legal manager, our popular ‘First Level Legal Manager’ course is essential viewing and will provide 7 of the 12 hours of managerial training required to become qualified to supervise.

Courses Included in this Collection

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Rose Akutu

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Great stuff.

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Excellent course

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Excellent and informative course. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

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