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Course Overview


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On registration you will be issued with a copy of our regulations which will provide written guidance on the format, content and assessment criteria for the Critical Incidents Test.

The Critical Incidents Test comprises of a number of scenarios which will be presented to you on an audio tape. Issues will be posed to you, either verbally or in terms of their behaviour, by police officers, your client or third parties. You will be required to respond to the scenario audibly. An audio recording will be made of your responses. You will be assessed on the appropriateness of the responses provided, your oral communication and assertiveness skills.

The purpose of the Critical Incidents Test is to assess your effectiveness in advising and assisting clients at the police station. The Critical Incidents Test takes the form of a role play assessment under exam conditions.

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What are the requirements?

  • The Critical Incidents Test will be assessed according to the following criteria:
  • • Content -This is concerned with the legal, procedural and factual content of your responses, including whether you have analysed the facts correctly and whether you have applied the law to those facts correctly.
  • • Confidence - This is concerned with the extent to which you act with self-assurance in responding to the problem or issue posed.
  • • Control - This is concerned with the extent to which you are able to demonstrate appropriate control in the context of the problem or issue raised.

Learning Outcomes

  • On completion of the Critical Incidents Test we will notify the LAA that you have completed the assessment and they will update your probationary status in due course.
  • If you have already successfully completed the Part B, the LAA will contact you to advise that you are now a fully accredited police station representative

What is the target audience?

  • The Critical Incidents Test must be undertaken by anyone who wishes to become an accredited police station representative and give advice in the police station for which payment is claimed from the Legal Aid Agency (LAA)
  • The Critical Incidents Test can only be attempted once Part A of the Portfolio has been successfully completed and the LAA has issued you with a probationary PIN number.



About Instructor - Assessment Board

Datalaw’s Assessment Board is comprised of current and former duty solicitors, academic lawyers and a qualified external moderator. It is the Assessment Board’s role to ensure that accreditation assessments are conducted in a consistent manner and are marked to an appropriate standard having regards to the SRA Standards of Competence.

The Assessment Board have also developed a series of online support courses to assist candidates pass each stage of the accreditation.

Course Curriculum


  • PSRAS Regulations
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  • SRA Standards of Competence
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  • PSRAS CIT Timetable
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Controlled Remote Assessments

  • Controlled Remote Assessments
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