PSRAS CIT Support Course

PSRAS CIT Support Course

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Course Overview

Prepare for the CIT in your own time with our online support course.

The CIT is an artificial assessment, so it is essential that you not only understand how the assessment works, but have the opportunity to practice, before attempting the CIT under exam conditions. This sample-based course will enable you to familiarise yourself with the format of the assessment and includes the following:

How to Prepare for the Critical Incidents Test with James Parry

This session offers an analysis of the questions which comprise the CIT and model answers to common CIT scenarios including:

        Initial contact with the client / third party / police

        Providing telephone advice

        Attendance at the police station

        Obtaining sufficient disclosure

        Taking client’s instructions and giving tailored advice

        Post interview scenarios

Success in the CIT with Charles Peter

During this webinar you will observe two candidates attempting to answer CIT questions. You can then pause the recording and attempt to answer the questions yourself. An assessor will guide you through the answers expected. The marking matrix is also provided.

Sample CITs including Audio Sample

The course includes four sample CIT scripts for you to work through, together with detailed guidance on the answers expected. An audio sample is also included and will give you the opportunity to take part in a mock assessment.

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What are the requirements?

  • Watch the recorded webinar and review the supporting documentation
  • • This online, samples based, support course has been developed to improve a candidate’s chances of passing the assessment; 75% of candidates who undertake this training pass the Portfolio first time.

Learning Outcomes

  • On completion of this support option you will:
  • • Be familiar with the assessment format and marking criteria
  • • Have a greater understanding of what the Assessment Board are looking for when marking your assessment
  • • Feel more confident in your ability to pass the assessment

What is the target audience?

  • Probationary police station representatives


About Instructor - James Parry

James is a partner at Parry and Welch Solicitors which speacialises in dangerous dogs cases.

James is a solicitor and high court advocate with 25 years experience in the criminal justice sector, ten of which were spent with the magistrates' court service, and ten in private practice. James is the author of "Legal Aid in Criminal Proceedings" (Butterworths), and various published papers dealing with diverse aspects of the criminal justice system. James is a former chairman of the Law Society’s criminal law committee and an experienced and well-regarded CPD lecturer.

Course Curriculum

Recorded Webinars

  • Webinar - Success in The CIT with Charles Peter
  • A guide to the CIT With James Parry


  • Slides - Success in The CIT with Charles Peter
    33 Page
  • Notes - A Guide to the Critical Incidents Test By James Parry
    27 Page

CIT Samples

  • Mock CIT - Wayne Evans Scenario
  • Sample 1 - Wayne Evans
    7 Page
  • Sample 2 - Rachel Shaw
    7 Page
  • Sample 3 - Simon Swale
    6 Page
  • Sample 4 - Liam Brown
    6 Page


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  • Really informative and detailed, I feel much more confident
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  • Fantastic course, very useful webinars! I passed all my modules first time, not sure I could have done that without buying the full package. Highly recomended!
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