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NALP Unit 30 - Introduction to Law

NALP Unit 30 - Introduction to Law

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Course Overview

Unit 30 – An Introduction to Law for Paralegals is one on the mandatory units for those studying towards a Level 3 qualification recognised and awarded by The National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP).

The aim of the unit is to provide the learner with detailed knowledge of the legal system in England and Wales and the general legal principles of Contract and Tort law. In understanding the law-making process; the court structure; the roles of key legal personnel and methods of dispute resolution, the learner will be ready to progress onto a higher level of learning in related substantive law areas. The learner will understand the roles that can be played by Paralegals in law firms; private companies; local authorities and as a freelance paralegal. In addition, it will provide legal knowledge on dispute resolution and will enable the learner to use and interpret legal language. The skills developed by the learner include: the ability to identify and use factual, procedural and theoretical understanding to complete tasks and address well defined but complex or non-routine issues; time management to include taking responsibility for initiating and completing tasks; the ability to exercise autonomy and judgement within a given scenario; the ability to use and interpret legal language.

This unit comprises a comprehensive workbook developed by NALP which provides all of the information that leaners will need to meet the learning outcomes detailed below.

In addition, Datalaw have designed several short webinars focusing on key aspects of the syllabus for this unit to help explain and contextualise the material provided in the workbooks.

Delivered by solicitor and lecturer Matthew Hickling, the webinars within this unit cover following topics:
•    The Nature and Classification of Law
•    The Law-Making Process
•    The General Principles of Contract
•    The General Principles of Tort and the Law of Negligence
•    Methods of Alternate Dispute Resolution                  

What are the requirements?

  • Once learners have reviewed the NALP workbook and supporting material supplied by Datalaw, they will be ready to request the assignment for this unit. The assignment consists of a written piece of work which learners have 4-weeks to complete.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learning Outcomes
  • 1. A thorough understanding of the nature and classification of law in England and Wales
  • 2. A detailed knowledge of how law is made
  • 3. Knowledge and application of understanding of the general legal principles of contract and tort law
  • 4. Knowledge and ability to evaluate the methods of dispute resolution

What is the target audience?

  • Current and prospective paralegals



About Instructor - Matthew Hickling

Matthew is a national speaker and trainer in criminal practice, professional skills and ethics. Now non-practising, Matthew continues to provide analysis and commentary on developments in the criminal law.

Course Curriculum


  • Workbook
    206 Page

Part 1

  • Webinar
  • Slides
    13 Page

Part 2

  • Webinar
  • Slides
    44 Page

Part 3

  • Webinar
  • Slides
    39 Page

Part 4

  • Webinar
  • Slides
    41 Page


  • This unit is very detailed. The workbook is very detailed with interesting cases. The lectures and slides help in understanding the topics. It would have been very hard going without the lectures and slides. I found that watching the lectures and returning to the workbook is the best way to study this unit.
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  • Very informative
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