Injunctions for Personal Protection - What are the Options

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Course Overview

This bite size webinar will explore the different type of orders available with regard to personal protection and the factors which influence which order will be utilised such as the nature of the connection between the applicant and the other party.

Consideration will be given to how practitioners may wish to tackle cases in which they must act for people who are ‘associated’. In addition, the difference in the approach which should be adopted, depending on whether a civil or family law application is being made, will also be discussed.

What are the requirements?

  • Watch 20 minute recorded webinar, including reference notes, discussion questions and optional evaluation form to test your legal knowledge
  • This course provides 0.5-1 CPD point (depending on length of time spent considering the discussion questions and completing the evaluation form)

Learning Outcomes

  • On completion of this course you will:

    • Be familiar with the different orders available in respect of injunctions for personal protection
    • Be able to determine which order is most appropriate dependant on the circumstances of the case
    • Know which approach to adopt depending on whether the application is for civil or family law 

What is the target audience?

  • Practitioners



About Instructor - Safda Mahmood

Safda is a senior solicitor, with a public authority, having had practiced in both Private Practice and Local Government. Safda is on the Law Society Children Panel and specialises in Children Law and Adoption. He delivers training across the country and writes regularly for various journals including Family Law Journal, Legal Executives Journal and Law Society Bulletin.

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