Investing in yourself

Too often practitioners focus on legal knowledge-based training and neglect soft skills which, if properly developed, will ultimately assist you perform your role more effectively. Dedicating time to personal development is crucial, particularly considering the SRA’s Competence Statement which now encourages practitioners to assess their competence in areas other than technical legal knowledge. To assist viewers in this task, Datalaw have put together the ‘Investing in Yourself’ collection which includes a course specifically designed to provide practitioners with guidance on how to assess their performance in line with the SRA Competence Statement. The courses within this collection are intended to encourage practitioners to invest time in themselves and develop foundation skills such as communication, negotiation and project management. Invaluable courses dealing with the importance of work life balance and how this can be achieved, and the way in which stress management can boost your professional performance, are also included.

Courses Included in this Collection

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Rupert Talbot-Garman

Mehwish Jabin

Hussain Ali

Robyn Murphy

Syed Rumi

Katherine Lacey

Andrew Fursdon

Julie Grimes

Really enjoyed the presentation and content of this course

Etim Ikpedighe

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