New SRA Standards and Regulations Collection

On Monday 25th November 2019 the new SRA Standards and Regulations (STaRs) will take effect.

Designed to remove unnecessary bureaucracy, SRA STaRs represent a shift away from the previous SRA Handbook and Code of Conduct and will revolve around two key themes; the delivery of high standards and protecting the public.

To coincide with the introduction of the new SRA Standards and Regulations, Datalaw have put together a collection of courses which will assist legal professionals and law firms gain a better understand of what the SRA now expect of them in terms of behaviours, standards and requirements.

Comprising several courses which explore different aspects of new regulations, the Datalaw STaRs Collection includes the following courses:

  • STARs – New SRA Standards and Regulations 2019 – An excellent overview of the key changes under STaRs
  • SRA Codes of Conduct - In-house Solicitors – Exploring the impact STaRs will have on in-house practitioners
  • SRA Authorisations - An overview of the new requirements around freelancers
  • Legal Ethics and Regulation – Discussion regarding the new principal of integrity Consideration is also given to conflict
  • Vulnerable Clients – Explores the enforcement angle and annual renewal under STaRs
  • Equality & Diversity in Context – A useful insight into the new requirements and their relationship to the Equality Act
  • COFA – Your Duties Update 2019 – Consideration of how STaRs will affect the role and duties of the COFA
  • COLP – Your Duties Update 2019 – Consideration of how STaRs will affect the role and duties of the COLP
  • New SRA Accounts Rules 2019 – Consideration of the new Rules and how they differ from the old Accounts Rules – This course is expected on Monday 2nd December 2019
  • Price Transparency - Competition, Context and Requirements - Discussion of new requirements regarding price transparency
  • Strategic Implications of the New SRA Handbook – Provides context in terms of why the new STaRs have been introduced

Courses Included in this Collection

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Mohammed A Mahfooz

Very informative

Edward Jones

Very interesting and helpful course

Charles Edwards

5 star

Philip Kaye

Paige Evans

Akeem Yusuff Akinwale


Abul Taher

Fantastic course, very well explained. Made understanding the rules so much easier

Kofi Aduku

Heather White

good course

Neil Oldfield

veru useful

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