Dispute Resolution and Mediation CPD Bundle Saving of £ 150.00 for Individuals

Datalaw deliver a selection of informative and topical online Dispute Resolution and Mediation courses.

  • Delivered by our highly experienced speakers Peter Causton, Neil Denny and Daniel Williams, the courses within this section will cover topics such as the implementation of the ADR Directive ane mediation techniques for family law practitioners
  • Courses can be purchased individually or for £90 plus VAT, receive access to all of the courses within this section
  • 12 months unlimited access on any device with an internet connection
  • No additional fees

Courses Included in this Bundle

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Emtiaj Hossain


Tom Adhikari

Sean Brogan

Khayrul Islam

Rupert Talbot-Garman

Ishtiaq Nawaz-Chechi

Keith Davis

Very good and clear. Thank you.

Ross Pascoe

Anthony Bilmes

This webinar appears to be out of date and does not reflect the position of the UK now or on Brexit. ODR does ot relate just to so-called consumer disputes but to the entire gambit of disputes capable of being mediated.