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An instant report gives you an oveview of your entire firms CPD progress

An instant report gives you an overview of your entire firms Continuing Competence progress

It is difficult to keep an eye on all your team at the best of times. With the new SRA competency statement in full flow, you will know that all solicitors must keep themselves “continuously” up to date and reflect at least quarterly on their learning achievements.

This could be a major headache for anyone tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that all training records are up to date and ready for inspection by the SRA or to evidence each of your solicitors’ competency statements in October. With our new CPD Competency Platform's practice managers dashboard, you get an instant overview of key performance indicators for your entire firm such as: how many hours of CPD your firm has completed, what CPD have your firm required the most, how long on average each solicitor has spent on CPD and so much more...

Have all your solicitors taken their SRA Self-Assessment?

Our new platform plans, organises and reports on training directly to you and your solicitors. Using a bespoke algorithm, our software will draw up a training plan for your solicitors based on their particular requirements. It will suggest learning pathways to follow suitable for their needs and remind them to take whatever steps their training plan advises. All their learning tasks are automatically recorded in our system as well as learning they get elsewhere.

Your solicitors SRA Self-Assessment in just FOUR Steps
Click on the training plan button
Click take your Self Assessment
Answer 23 multiple choice questions
Automatically generated an SRA Competency Statement

View Your Firms Risk At A Glance

Using a bespoke algorithm our software creates a “risk score” for your firm benchmarking your firm against SRA standards to ensure that your firm is meeting requirements.

View your firm's performance based on a number of factors including the time your team have spent on courses, the volume of courses watched, the quality of performance and more.

Instantly Send Messages To Solicitors Who Are Falling Behind

In an instant you can see who has the lowest performance in your firm and can instantly notify them that they need to stay on track

Busy fee earners often don't allocte time to stay up to date on CPD, unless there is a CPD deadline! With the new SRA continuing comptence in place it is more important than ever that your solicitors are reminded to put aside some time each month to do CPD training.

Easily Monitor All Your Solicitors Self-Assessment Progress

Reflection and self-assessment is a paramount step for your solicitors to take in order to complete their mandatory SRA Competency Statement. Get a quick-list overview of who has and hasn't taken thier SRA self-assessment.

Automatically Spots Solicitors Potentially Putting Your Firm At Risk

The SRA CPD changes mean that CPD is no longer just a tick box exercise. Our intelligent red-flag tracker automatically spots any solicitors who may be taking advantage by just ticking the box without actually watching the course and flags this up in the practice managers dashboard.

Control All Your Solicitors CPD Access From One Place

Create a new solicitors, assign a solicitors to a course, view a solicitors CPD progress summary, message your solicitors and so much more all from one platform.

View Individual Solicitors Progress

Practice managers have the power to view a solicitors invidual training progress and self assessment answers at the touch of a button.

Other Features

Our CPD Competency Platform is packed full of other useful features. With the “Access All Areas Subscription" all training is included in the package at no extra cost, so now you have the power of complete control over training budgets and all your solicitors in one easy system.

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The quote above is from Stuart Nolan one of the most highly regarded criminal defence lawyers in Britain. Stuarts team at DDP Law were one of the first firms to adopt Datalaw's new platform and with their feedback we have ensured that all our features are solicitor friendly.

Managing Director & Solicitor-Advocate - DDP Law

Made by solicitors. For Solicitors!

Datalaw's new software was created through a combination of solicitor testing and over 18 months of legal technical team analysing the new SRA requirements. The result, an easy to use powerful platform that that quickly enables your solicitors to meet their new SRA requirements. Watch the video below to hear from our Managing Director and a testimonial from one of the firms that that we worked closely with during the development stages of creating our platform.

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