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Course Overview

COLPs and COFAs have extensive responsibilities. This webinar draws on presenter Katie Jackson’s extensive experience in supporting COLPs and COFAs to answer some of the most common questions she sees. Featuring case studies, templates and practical ideas you can implement in your firm, this webinar is for COLPs and COFAs who want to think about new ideas in their firms or reference their experience against others’ in similar roles.

Templates and easy to use tools are provided covering risk registers, balanced scorecards, stakeholder management and assessing your workplace culture.


  • Risk Registers
  • Material breach
  • Culture of compliance

What are the requirements?

  • Watch Series of 3 20 minute recorded webinars, including reference notes, discussion questions and optional evaluation form to test your legal knowledge
  • This course provides 1-2 CPD points (depending on length of time spent considering the discussion questions and completing the evaluation form)

Learning Outcomes

  • On completion of this course you will:

    • Be able to develop a risk register or utilise a balanced scorecard approach
    • Be familiar with SRA guidance on material breaches
    • Have reviewed case studies in respect of material breaches
    • Have the knowledge, skills and confident to be able to improve your stakeholder management and develop a ‘compliance business partner’ approach

What is the target audience?

  • Practitioners



About Instructor - Katie Jackson

Katie Jackson is a consultant specialising in law firm compliance and regulation. A former Inspector for the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, Katie led and managed inspections of some of the largest conveyancing practices in the country. Prior to working for the CLC, Katie spent a number of years working in various inspection and policy roles for the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and Legal Services Commission.

Course Curriculum

recorded webinars

  • part 1
  • part 2
  • part 3


  • Notes and Case Studies
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    1 year ago
  • Some of the examples of the breaches mentioned remind us of how easily a breach can occur, a lot of times by accident, and how alert the COLP and COFA compliance person/partner must be to detect and act upon a trivial breach fast before it becomes a material breach if it was not already.
    1 year ago
    2 years ago
    2 years ago
    2 years ago
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